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"Solar energy can be used in different forms, be it to produce electricity or to produce heating & cooling."
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2015 Campaign: 1 - 15 May




Germany celebrates the European Solar Day within the campaign WEEK OF THE SUN

Berlin, 28th January, 2008 - The week from the 16th to the 25th May, 2008 stands completely under the sign of solar energy in Germany, with more than 3,000 solar events taking place in cities and regions around Germany as a part of the WEEK OF THE SUN. The action week starts on the 16th and 17th May as a part of the European Solar Days which are celebrated for the first time in more than ten European countries. The WEEK OF THE SUN is organized by the German Solar Industry Association (BSW-solar) and is supported by the German craft associations, the alliance of German cities and municipalities, environmental and climate organizations as well as the German Federal Ministry of Environment. The organizer, BSW-Solar supplies solar newspapers, exhibition posters and advertising material on solar thermal energy and photovoltaics to all interested actors who organize solar events in their municipality in the scope of the WEEK OF THE SUN free of charge.


The WEEK OF THE SUN took place for the first time in 2007 and immediately led to 1,600 solar events all over the country. „We are very confident to be able to double the number of the events this year. The citizens are very concerned about energy supply and climate change and have a big interest in the use of the solar energy“ states Gerhard Stryi-Hipp, the managing director of BSW-solar. The solar day concept was developed in Austria and Switzerland and has inspired the development of the WEEK OF THE SUN. “Solar days are a very powerful tool to support the market development of solar energy. Therefore, the European Solar Day will be an important contribution to achieve the European target of 20% of renewable energy till 2020“ Stryi-Hipp said.


All local actors who are involved in the spreading of solar energy can take part in the WEEK OF THE SUN: craftsmen, local authorities, solar initiatives, environmental groups, energy consultants, architects, banks or schools. Everybody who wants to organize a solar event in his/her municipality under the umbrella of the WEEK OF THE SUN only needs to register him-/herself on the Internet page and fill in the dates of the events. The event organizer will then receive tips on how to organize an event as well as solar newspapers, poster exhibitions and advertising material free of charge from the WOCHE DER SONNE headquarters. The types of the solar events are very varied: there are for example solar presentations and solar parties, small solar fairs and exhibitions, solar projects at schools or sightseeing of solar systems and solar companies.


THE WEEK OF THE SUN is financed by the involved solar companies and the German Solar Industry Association and is sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Environment.


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